Butterfly Valve Classifications

Various classification methods of butterfly valves

1. Classified by structure

1.1 Center sealing butterfly valve

1.2 Single eccentric sealed coal valve

1.3) Double eccentric sealing butterfly valve

1.4Triple eccentric seal valve

2. Classified by sealing surface material

2.1 Soft sealing butterfly valve.

2.1.1 The sealing pair is composed of a non-metallic soft material to a non-metallic soft material.

2.2.2  The sealing pair is composed of a metallic hard material and a non-metallic soft material.

2.2 Metal hard seal butterfly valve. The sealing pair is composed of a metal hard material to a metal hard material.

3. Classified by sealing form

3.1  Forced sealing butterfly valve

3.1.1 Elastic sealing butterfly valve. The specific pressure of the seal is generated by the valve plate squeezing the valve seat when the valve is closed, and the elasticity of the valve seat or the valve plate

3.2.2  Additional torque sealing butterfly valve. The seal specific pressure is generated by the torque applied to the valve shaft

3.2 Pressurized and sealed butterfly valve. The specific sealing pressure is generated by the pressure of the elastic sealing element on the valve seat or valve plate

3.3 Automatic sealing butterfly valve. The sealing specific pressure is automatically generated by the medium pressure.

4. Classified by work pressure

4.1  Vacuum butterfly valve. Butterfly valves whose working pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure of the standard reactor.

4.2 Low pressure butterfly valve. Butterfly valve with nominal pressure PN<1.6MPa.

4.3 Medium pressure butterfly valve. Butterfly valve with nominal pressure PN of 2.5-6. 4MPa.

4.4 High pressure butterfly valve. A butterfly valve with a nominal pressure PN of 10.0-80.0MPa.

4.5 Ultra-high pressure butterfly valve. Butterfly valve with nominal pressure PN>100MPa.

5. Classified by working temperature

5.1 High temperature butterfly valve. t>450 C butterfly valve

5.2 Medium temperature butterfly valve. 120 C<t<450 C butterfly valve

5.3 Normal temperature butterfly valve. One 40C<t<; 120 C butterfly valve

5.4 Cryogenic butterfly valve. One 100<t<-40 C butterfly valve

5.5 Ultra-low temperature butterfly valve. t<-100 C butterfly valve

6. Classified by connection method

6.1 Wafer butterfly valve.

6.2 Flanged butterfly valve.

6.3 Lug type butterfly valve.

6.4 Welded butterfly valve 

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