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Marine Valve Aluminum Bronze Butterfly Valve

Marine Valve Aluminum Bronze Butterfly Valve

Based on different valve size and differnet opening torque,

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1. Lug type butterfly valve Based on different valve size and differnet opening torque, worm gear includes small torque, medium torque, large torque, single gear, double gear, tripple-gear etc;
2. With Different settings can be customerized, such as: Worm gear+signal, worm gear+indicator, worm gear+solenoid, worm gear+bracket,  worm gear+ Siemens electric controller, worm gear+ indicator light and other configurations are avialable.


Worm Gear Specification Valve Size Gear Ration
Single Gear Small Torque(2-6 inches) DN50-150 24:1
Medium Torque(2-6 inches) DN50-150 24:1
Big Torque(2-6 inches) DN50-150 24:1
Medium Torque(8-10 inches) DN200-250 30:1
Big Torque(8-10 inches) DN200-250 30:1
Medium Torque(10-12 inches) DN300-350 50:1
Big Torque(10-12 inches) DN300-350 50:1
Double Gear 16 inches DN400 532:1
18 inches DN450 532:1
20 inches DN500 532:1
24 inches DN600 640:1
28 inches DN700 704:1
32 inches DN800 704:1
36 inches DN900 832:1
40 inches DN1000 832:1
48 inches DN1200 800:1


Nominal Diameter DN(mm) 40-200
Nominal Pressure PN(MPa) 1.0-1.6
Pressure  Test (MPa) Strength 1.5-2.4
Sealing Test 1.1-1.76
Main Parts valves.com/a/PRODCUTS/Butterfly_Valve/2021/0529/111.html' target='_blank'>Valve Body WCB/WCC/WCA
Valve Disc Nickel Plated DI / Nylon Plated DI /CF8 /CF8M /CF3M /2507/ 2205
Valve Seat EPDM/NBR/PTFE/VITON(Fluorine rubber) etc.
Connection Type  Lug Type

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