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Flange Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever

Flange Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever

1. Valve type: Flange connection 2. Valve body: : WCB/WCC/LCC 3. Valve disc: CF8 coated with PTFE 4. Valve Seat: PTFE 5. Operation: Aluminium handle lever

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Products Details
Product Featurers:
1) JRVAL Carbon steel flange valve material availble with WCB, WCC, LCC etc.
2) valves.com/a/PRODCUTS/Butterfly_Valve/2021/0419/10.html' target='_blank'>PTFE material valve disc and seat not sticky, heat resistance, moisture resistance etc.
3) PTFE valve wear resistance ,corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance,self lubricity,incombustibility etc.
4) JRVAL flange butterfly valve with thicker flange body, which guarantees valve quality and pressue undertaking.
5) Valve body with epoxy coating, bright color, without fade corrode for 36 months.

Carbon steel flange butterfly valve with handle operation
Carbon steel material flange type butterfly valve is one of JRVAL’s main products, especially with PTFE Seat and disc, fit for chemical plant use, and with good reputation among overseas buyers.
Product  featurers:
1) The valve stem bearing use "copper sleeve", which with good wear and corrosion resistance. Although cost is 50% higher than other materials,  prolong the service life by 60-70%;
2) Rubber seat contains over 50% rubber, with stable resilience and tension. Although the cost is 30% higher than that of similar products in the market, its service life can be extended by 1-2 years; valve seat option with PTFE, NBR, EPDM, FKM etc.
3) Material of PTFE have some good performance such asNot sticky, Heat resistance,Moisture resistance,Wear resistance,Corrosion resistance,High and low temperature resistance,Self lubricity,Incombustibility etc.
4) Operation handle has opotion for 45#steel, stainless steel and aluminium etc.
5£©JRVAL flange butterfly valve pays more attention to the internal quality and highlights the thickness of flange body, instead of simply highlighting the thickness of flange surface as other suppliers, which only makes the valve body looks heavier, but the actual pressure bearing is the thickness of flange body.
1. Specification Parameters

Nominal Diameter DN(mm) 32-200
Nominal Pressure PN(MPa) 1.0-1.6
Nominal Pressure (MPa) Strength 1.5-2.4
Sealing Test 1.1-1.76
Main Parts Valve Body CF8/CF8M/CF3M
Valve Disc Nickel Plated DI / Nylon Plated DI /CF8 /CF8M /CF3M /2507/ 2205
Valve Seat EPDM/NBR/PTFE/VITON(Fluorine rubber) etc.
Connection Type Flange Connection
ΦD ΦD1 n-Φd H1 H2 L1 L N.W (KGS)
DN40 110.00 150 4-Φ18 183 82.5 176 110 7.00
DN50 125.00 165 4-Φ18 183 82.5 176 110 7.00
DN65 145.00 185 4-Φ18 196 93.0 176 114 9.00
DN80 160.00 200 4-Φ18 208 100.0 176 116 10.00
160.00 200 8-Φ18
DN100 180.00 220 8-Φ18 232 110.0 215 129 14.00
DN125 210.00 250 8-Φ18 252 125.0 260 142 17.00
DN150 240.00 285 8-Φ22 272 143.0 260 142 21.00
DN200 295.00 340 8-Φ22 305 170.0 260 154 35.00
295.00 340 12-Φ22
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