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Wafer Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever

Wafer Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever

1. Quality Grade: Heavy Weight 2. Valve Body: Carbon Steel 3. Valve Disc: CF8 4. Valve Seat: EPDM 5. Handle Material: Aluminium Alloy 6. Quality Warranty: 1 Year

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Carbon steel valves.com/a/PRODCUTS/Butterfly_Valve/2021/0419/8.html' target='_blank'>wafer butterfly valve with handle operation
We supply Carbon steel material wafer type butterfly valves, we have been focusing on arbon steel material butterfly valve production over 15 years, with hundreds of customers from both home and aborad.
Our products with following featurers:
1. Main parts of valve body and disc are cast and machined by Jiangrui itself, with professional capacity to produce WCB carbon steel butterfly valve, higher technical LCC ultra-low temperature carbon steel material, which is core technical of Jiangrui.
2. The valve body design is refer to the drawing size of "Tanggu watts" butterfly valve, which is a leading enterprise in China, and strictly follow the international standards. Jiangrui maintained long-term cooperation with many renowned valve enterprises such as Tanggu Jinbin valve, Beijing Dingruite... etc.
3. Due to the high market recognition, many valve producers imitate us, although the appearance of the body is basically the same, the thickness of the outer circle, upper flange and neck of Jiangrui valves are 3-5mm thicker than the imitated products, weight of valve is 20% - 30% higher, the pressure bearing capacity  is 20% higher than the imitated products also.
Butterfly valve handle:
1)  Materials of butterfly valve handle includes: carbon steel, Maanshan Steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy etc. handle color can be customized according to order quantity;
2) According to the different valve size, 3 kinds of handle with different lengths: 50-80mm, 80-150 mm and 200-300 mm available for option;
3) Generally, butterfly valve size below DN200, which is recommended to use handle operation; Size over DN200, based on different work condition, worm gear, pneumatic or electric actuator can be selected for option.

Nominal Diameter DN(mm) 40-200
Nominal Pressure PN(MPa) 1.0-1.6
Pressure  Test (MPa) Strength 1.5-2.4
Sealing Test 1.1-1.76
Main Parts Valve Body WCA/WCB/WCC/LCB/LCC
Valve Disc Nickel Plated DI / Nylon Plated DI /CF8 /CF8M /CF3M /2507/ 2205
Valve Seat EPDM/NBR/PTFE/VITON(Fluorine rubber) etc.
Connection Type Wafer Type


n-Φd ΦD H1 H2 L L1 L2 N.W (KGS)
DN32 4--14 85 142 52 32 30 142 1.14
4--18 100
DN40 4--22 106 173 71 33.5 30 176 2.00
DN50 4--22 123 183 70 42 32 176 2.50
DN65 4--22 142 196 80 45 47 176 2.90
DN80 4--23 154.5 208 94 45 65 176 3.50
4--23 154.5
DN100 4--27 183 232 108 52.1 91 215 5.10
DN125 4--25 212.5 252 122 55 112 260 6.60
DN150 4--24 240 272 134 56 146 260 8.40
DN200 4--24 295 305 167 61 194 260 13.13
4--25 296
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