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What Are the Uses of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

  • 2021-05-26 10:30

The so-called valves.com/a/PRODCUTS/Butterfly_Valve/2021/0529/110.html' target='_blank'>triple eccentricity:

1. The rotation axis of the butterfly plate is offset by a distance from the sealing surface;

2. The rotation axis of the butterfly plate is offset by a distance from the center line of the valve body channel;

3. The rotation axis of the valve seat forms an angle with the axis of the valve body passage;

It is called triple eccentricity.

triple offset butterfly valve

In many Asia-Pacific countries, due to the limitation of their own valve design and manufacturing level and the influence of traditional textbooks, the prejudice against butterfly valves is still very large. At the same time, advanced and developed industrial countries in Europe and the United States are vigorously promoting and actively using butterfly valves. The reason is very simple, the butterfly valve is no longer what it used to be. The scope of application of triple eccentric butterfly valve can withstand pressure up to 2500 pounds, temperature resistance as low as -196 degree, as high as 700 degree, sealing up to 0 leakage, and control ratio as high as 100:1. That is to say, in all kinds of harsh and critical process control pipelines, whether it is an on-off valve or a control valve, as long as the type is properly selected, the butterfly valve can now be safely used at low cost.



To withstand high temperatures, hard seals must be used, but the amount of leakage is large; for zero leakage, soft seals must be used, but they are not resistant to high temperatures. In order to overcome the contradiction of the double eccentric butterfly valve, the butterfly valve was eccentric for the third time. Its structural feature is that while the double eccentric valve stem axis position is eccentric, the conical axis of the butterfly plate sealing surface is skewed to the cylinder axis of the body, that is to say, after the third eccentricity, the sealing section of the butterfly plate is not Furthermore, it is a true circle, but an ellipse, and the shape of the sealing surface is therefore asymmetric, one side is inclined to the center line of the body, and the other side is parallel to the center line of the body. The biggest feature of this third eccentricity is that the sealing structure is fundamentally changed. It is no longer a positional seal, but a torsion seal, that is, it does not rely on the elastic deformation of the valve seat, but completely relies on the contact surface pressure of the valve seat to achieve the seal. Therefore, the problem of zero leakage of the metal valve seat is solved in one fell swoop, and because the contact surface pressure is proportional to the medium pressure, the high pressure and high temperature resistance is also solved. 

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