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  • 2021-05-26 10:31

American Standards:
valves.com/a/Download/2021/0513/98.html' target='_blank'>ASME-American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ANSI-American National Standards Institute, API-American Petroleum Institute, MSS SP-American Valve and Fitting Manufacturers Standardization Association

British Standard: BS

German National Standard: DIN

Japanese Industrial Standard: JIS/JPI

French National Standard: NF

End user valve standards: SHELL MESC, DOW, AK

General valve standard: ASME B16.34 flange end, butt welding end and threaded end valve

ASME butterfly valve

For Butterfly Valve:

API 609 wafer type, lug type and double flange butterfly valve

MSS SP-67 Butterfly Valve

MSS SP-68 High Pressure Eccentric Butterfly Valve

ISO 17292 Steel butterfly valve for petroleum, petrochemical and refining industries

GB/T 12238 flange and wafer connection butterfly valve

JB/T 8527 Metal Seal Butterfly Valve

SHELL SPE 77/106 according to API 608/EN 593 /MSS SP-67 soft sealing butterfly valve

SHELL SPE 77/134 according to API 608/EN 593 /MSS SP-67/68 eccentric butterfly valve

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