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> 1 Container of Knife Gate Valves Shipped to South Korea Today From JRVAL

1 Container of Knife Gate Valves Shipped to South Korea Today From JRVAL

  • 2021-06-05 14:55

After 45 days of production and processing, 220 sets of stainless steel valves.com/a/PRODCUTS/Knife_Gate_Valve/index.html' target='_blank'>knife gate valves have finally been assembled, and all have passed the pressure test, just loaded in the container and ship to tianjin seaport today.

Mr. Kim from South Korea purchased valves from our company for the third time. Knife gate valves were mainly used for their projects in South Korea. Due to the special requirements of the valve, we have made thicker valve bodies. Ensure to withstand greater pressure.

During the production period, the production process was broadcast live to customers many times, including stress testing and other links, to ensure that customers can get the latest informations during the production process.

This batch of knife gate valves adopts:

Valve body: stainless steel 304

Valve plate: stainless steel 304

Packing: Graphite

Actuator: pneumatic actuator


knife gate valve
Knife gate valve

knife gate valve factory
Knife gate valve Loading

Along with this batch of goods are also custom-made butterfly valves and a small amount of check valves.

Thank you Mr.Kim for your trust and place an order to us. I hope you will be satisfied with our products after receiving the knife gate valve. Looking forward to working together again. 

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