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> Butterfly Valves Purchased in the U.S. are being shipped

Butterfly Valves Purchased in the U.S. are being shipped

  • 2021-05-20 14:13

Butterfly valves purchased in the U.S. are being shipped

Our new customer, Mr. Joe from Texas, plans to purchase a batch of stainless steel butterfly valves. Because of the epidemic, he cannot visit our factory. Therefore, we provide customers with a video factory inspection so that they can understand and recognize our production capabilities.

After communications, confirmed the final technical information, material information, etc., Mr.Joe after understanding that we are the source manufacturer and have our own casting workshop, decided to purchase 550 stainless steel butterfly valves, PTFE valve seats, including handle butterfly valves,worm gear butterfly valves, And three specifications of pneumatic actuator butterfly valve. Different calibers.

From casting, machining, to assembly, and pressure testing, we provide visual services throughout the entire process, allowing customers to keep track of the production progress.


The production and assembly of this batch of stainless steel butterfly valves was completed in mid-May, and it was shipped to Tianjin Xingang today to complete container loading.

The ship is expected to depart on May 24 to the United States.


The configuration of this batch of stainless steel butterfly valve is as follows:

Valve body: SS316L

Valve plate: SS316L

Valve seat: PTFE (Food grade)

Valve shaft: SS420.

Handle: ss304, worm gear:ductile iron, pneumatic actuator: single acting pneumatic actuator.

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