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Nigeria's Butterfly Valve Ready to Ship

  • 2021-05-16 20:30

The carbon valves.com/a/PRODCUTS/Butterfly_Valve/2021/0510/93.html' target='_blank'>steel butterfly valve purchased in Nigeria is ready for shipment

Customer: PXL

Product: Carbon steel butterfly valve, rubber-coated plate, handle operation. Caliber DN100, DN150, DN200.


After solving the PC certificate problem today, it is finally about to be shipped. This batch of butterfly valves purchase carbon steel body, EPDM coated sheet, EPDM valve seat, handle operation, suitable for seawater.


The valve seat EPDM we select for our customers has a rubber content of more than 50%. Due to the good resilience, the service life is guaranteed. Under the premise of ensuring the pressure, the torque is reduced and the use is more convenient.


These butterfly valves are compatible with various standards and are compatible with ISO, DIN, BS, JIS ANSI, etc.


This customer is one of our key customers. We helped the customer solve the selection problem from a professional perspective and determined the optimal configuration according to the operating conditions.


We are committed to being the best butterfly valve supplier for Nigerian customers. 




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