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26 years focus on high quality custom valves products. Our product mainly include gate valve,ball valve,globe valve,check valve,butterfly valve,Y-Strainer,control valve,foot valve,air valve,etc.
  • PN10 cast steel silent check valve
    Good Sealing Two Way Sealing WCB Body SS201 Disc Knife Gate
    This valve is widely applied to pipelines such as water supply and drainage, construction, oil, chemical industry, natural gas, food, medicine, power plant, nuclear power plant and urban pollution discharge etc for purpose of adjusting or c
  • PN10 cast steel silent check valve
    Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve
    Knife Gate Valve is used to slice through sludge or sewerage and a gate is used fro normal positive shut off .It is a gate valve design that is distinguished from the standard design by the use of a simple metal plate for the gate and the a
  • PN10 cast steel silent check valve
    Flange Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever
    1. Valve type: Flange connection 2. Valve body: : WCB/WCC/LCC 3. Valve disc: CF8 coated with PTFE 4. Valve Seat: PTFE 5. Operation: Aluminium handle lever