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H71 Wafer Lift Type Check Valve

H71 Wafer Lift Type Check Valve

Compact low weight design; spring dynamic valve disc Optional elastic soft seal or metal hard seal structure. Optional plunger valve structure;

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Products Details

Product advantages:

1.The sealing surface is smooth and smooth.

2.Butterfly plate, valve body sealing surface all through grinding, smoothness and flatness are effectively guaranteed.

3.Static pressure zero leakage.
Each valve is pressure tested to ensure that all products can achieve static pressure zero leakage.

4.The rubber inside the valve body is not easy to fall off.
The rubber inside the valve body adopts advanced vulcanization technology to ensure the bonding strength between the rubber and the valve body is greater than 1.732mpa, which can effectively avoid the valve seat falling off in the process of use.

5.Provide material inspection report.

All  products can provide the material inspection report of the main parts.


Name 1-Body 2-Stem 3-Spring 4-Disc 5-Seat
Material DI 304 304 CF8 valves.com/a/PRODCUTS/Butterfly_Valve/2021/0419/14.html' target='_blank'>EPDM
50 2" 43 101 60.5 57
65 2 1/2" 46 118 73.5 70
80 3" 64 132 89 86
100 4" 64 162 114.5 106.5
125 5" 70 193 141.5 120
150 6" 76 219 168 156.5
200 8" 89 272 219 210
250 10" 114 328 265 265
300 12" 114 378 310 300

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1. Factory outlet price; 2. Small order is acceptable; 3. Samples are free and the cost will be returned when placing bulk orders; 4. Fast delivery within 15 days; 5. 100% inspection for all the products; 6. Refundable in case of bad q

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