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Iran Procurement Team Visit JRVAL for Butterfly Valve

  • 2021-05-30 20:52

On May 29th, Tianjin Jiangrui Fluid Equipment Company welcomed Mr. Imran, a guest from Iran’s Lamerd Valve Trade Company.
Mr. Imran came to China for the first time and received the warm hospitality from JRVAL. He honestly explained the purpose of the trip.
He is the chief technical engineer of Iran's Lamerd Valve Trade Company, and most of the Chinese companies he contacts in Iran are trading companies.
Since ordinary trading companies do not really understand the valve industry market and process knowledge, nor can they provide relevant valve technical support.


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many times, Iranian customers cannot purchase truly suitable valve products from China.
He contacted our company through the Alibaba International Station in Iran and learned that we are a real factory and have our own foundry.
He believed that this model should help him find professional valves, so he decided to go to Tianjin Jiangrui Company for a field visit.
When he arrived in Tian, ​​Mr. Imran visited our company's production, machining, assembly and other workshops.
The company's display layout, corporate culture, and the professionalism of a valve industry technology enterprise reflected in the details of the company made him half-hearted.
During the conversation, he learned that JRVAL not only has a R&D team with many years of production and management experience,
but also can provide professional, scientific and reasonable product technical analysis, and can provide one-stop valve integrated procurement services.
Mr. Imran was pleased to say that a professional integration service provider such as JRVAL is the partner he is looking for in China.


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