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What is high performance butterfly valves

  • 2021-05-02 20:39

The traditional butterfly valve is a low-pressure (<1.6Mpa>) centerline rubber-lined butterfly valve. Its characteristic is that the axis of the butterfly plate is in the center of the flow channel and the sealing belt, and the valve body is lined with rubber. This kind of butterfly valve uses external force to squeeze the butterfly plate and the rubber to achieve the necessary sealing pressure to cut off the fluid. This kind of seal is called mandatory seal. Obviously, its disadvantages are:
1. The seal specific pressure is not easy to control.
2. Large abrasion and short life span. The domestic standard stipulates that the life span is 2000 times.
3. Only suitable for low pressure.
4. Commonly used water, gas and oil media
5. Large torque.
High-performance butterfly valves abroad are a new variety of butterfly valves developed in the 1970s, originating from aerospace technology. Its technical characteristics are:
1. The rotation center of the butterfly plate deviates from the pipe axis and the sealing section. It does not contact the sealing seat during the switching process, and there is no wear. It only contacts the sealing seat at the moment of closing.
2. The sealing seat is a flexible sealing structure, applying the principle of medium sealing to achieve a reliable sealing effect, completely changing the principle of forced sealing of the traditional butterfly valve.
3. Known as the high-performance butterfly valve, its characteristics: long life, laboratory environmental test life can reach 1 million times, and the service life is geometrically higher than the centerline butterfly valve; the torque is lighter, which can be 30% lower than the centerline butterfly valve; applied The pressure range is wide, the working pressure is up to 10MPa, and it can be applied to various media. 

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